'Dva arhitekta' (Cro. 'two architects') is an architectural studio founded in 1992 by Tomislav Curkovic and Zoran Zidaric. Their first projects dealt mostly with interior design made with a minimal budget and a lot of effort, but quickly gained great recognition. In time, their primary focus shifted from interiors to family houses, a category which Dva arhitekta have branded with their own recognizable signature. 

Spanning their 25 year long collaboration, they have been winners and nominees for the most important architectural awards in Croatia and lately abroad, in competitions like Cemex Awards, Wienerberger Brick Award and World Architecture Festival. Three years in a row they were shortlisted for The Plan magazine Awards culminating in last years’ win with of The Wine Chateau project in the production category. Although Dva arhitekta have worked mostly in Croatia, their scope extends even further, fuelled by numerous features in architectural magazines and sites, international book publications and exhibitions.


Tomislav Curkovic was born in Zagreb, Croatia, in 1961  where he graduated from the Zagreb Faculty of Architecture in 1988. After graduation, he worked at 'Interinzenjering' architecture office in Zagreb until 1992 when he founded Dva arhitekta together with Zoran Zidaric.
From 2009 to 2015 he was appointed head of Croatian Chamber of Architects.


Zoran Zidaric was born in Sibenik, Croatia in 1962 and went on to graduate from the Zagreb Faculty of Architecture in 1987. He worked as a freelance architect for several years, up until 1992 when he and Tomislav Curkovic started their own architecture practice – Dva arhitekta.